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Poster presentation guidelines:

  • Posters will be displayed in portrait format.
  • Poster panel is 95 cm wide / 238 cm high.
  • Dimensions of the poster should not exceed 94 cm wide x 200 cm high.
  • Poster area will be located in the Plenary Conference room „Kaptol“ (mezzanine)

Mounting of posters:

  • Wed, March 13, from 16:00h to 20:00h
  • Thu, March 14, from 08:00h to 08:45h and from 15:30h – 16:30h (due to the Ol Workshop 09:00h-15:00h, held in the Plenary Room Kaptol and before the Conference opening at 17:00) / from 19:00h to 21:00h
  • Fri, March 15, from 07:30h to 08:30h and during meals or Coffee Breaks
  • Tacks / tapes / stickers and technical equipment will be available for the mounting of posters (please contact the EWIC Registration Desk for help and assistance)
  • We don't offer poster printing facility prior to or during the Conference, so please make sure you bring your poster to the Conference.
  • Participants need to remove their posters by Saturday, March 16, by 16:00h, the latest.
  • Neither the hotel nor the Organizing Committee will be responsible for posters that are not removed by this time.

Presentations submission:

PPT Presentations may be delivered on USB stick on the spot.
Should you prefer to use your own media, please let us know in advance so the necessary equipment may be prepared. **MAC users should bring their own adapter.

Designated duration for each oral presentation: max. 8 minutes / max 10 slides


Speaker Ready area for submitting and downloading Presentations:
Speaker Ready area  will be set inside the plenary room "Kaptol", mezzanine floor, hotel Panorama

Submitting & Downloading PresentationTimetable:

  • Wed, March 13: 11,30-12,30 (during lunch) ) / 15,30h-16,30h / 19,00h – 21,00h
  • Thu, March 14: from 07,30 to 08:45 and during coffee breaks /lunch
  • Fri, March 15: from 07,30 to 08,45 and during coffee breaks /lunch


***Please note that the  information and timetables above are subject to change***