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About Us

EventOrg is full service provider rooted in the meetings management. We have long-term experience in organising all types of conferences. This allows us to act as a PCO organising the full event but also we are able to perform specific services such as online participant's registration, exhibition management or accommodation for any kind of event, anywhere in the world.

EventOrg can proactively manage your meeting, event or conference from the beginning through the end. Our team is trained to manage and coordinate your conference with outstanding service and passion. As a DMC, we possess extensive local knowledge, expertise and resources, specialized in the design and implementation of activities, tours, transportation and program logistics of a region.


Andrea Grospić



Marko Pećina, MD, PhD

Marko Pećina, MD, PhD



It gives me great pleasure to recall my professional association with Ms. Andrea Grospic in the organization of professional orthopedic meetings, symposiums and congresses over the past 16 years. Of the many meetings I have attended, I particularly want to highlight the World Orthophedic SICOT (International Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology) Congress in San Diego in 2003, EFORT (European Federation of National Associations of Orthopedics and Traumatolgy) Congress in Helsinki in 2003, and SICOT Congress in Havana in 2004. Due to the excellent and precise organization by Ms. Grospic, all participants from our country, comprised of leading experts in global orthopedics, were more than satisfied with the organization of the travel, accomodations and post-congress tours. Particularly for me and all of us from Croatia, we fondly remember the SICOT Congress in San Diego. The highest level of professionalism, as well as the utmost level of friendliness are the main characteristics of the Mrs. Grospic’s work ethic and there are no problems or issues she does not tackle immediately. Mrs. Grospic is a primary example of a person who was born to do the job she is doing, which she accomplishes with knowledge and love to the ultimate satisfaction of her clients. On the basis of my experience, it is very easy for me to wholeheartedly recommend an agency that is led by a person such as Ms. Andrea Grospic.

Frederick D. Hrkac

Frederick D. Hrkac



I have had a professional relationship with Ms. Andrea Grospic since 2003 when she first organized a Johnson & Johnson board meeting for me in Croatia and due to the success of the meeting, I continued to use her services for a meeting I planned with Biosense-Webster (a Johnson & Johnson company). Johnson & Johnson is the biggest company in healthcare with over $50 billion USD in sales. I reached out to Andrea again in 2005 to organize a very large customer meeting when I was Vice President of Sorin and this meeting was exceptionally organized and I believe still today is organized by Andrea, after 11 years of success and flawless execution. I also used Andrea when I was President of Boston Scientific EMEA to organize some meetings and once again this was done exceptionally. Just last year Andrea also organized a meetting for my Board of Directors in my current position of Senior Vice President Commercial Operations and Biosensors International. Over last 13 years I have continued to work with Andrea regardless of which company she worked in and even when the companies she worked for were not professional, Andrea corrected this and ensured we were satisfied and the events were organized at the highest level. In fact, I recently recommended that Indiana University Kelley School of Business use Andrea to organize a teaching event in Dubrovnik because I trust her so much. I have worked for over 25 years in Medical Devices and Andrea is the only person I have continued to use regardless of which company I worked in and I will continue to use her services going forward.

Evelyn Meisell

Evelyn Meisell



Working with Andrea Grospic has been an absolute pleasure and I highly recommend her company EventOrg. Andrea is exceptionally well-connected throughout Croatia and the Balkans. She reserved the best transportation companies, restaurants and hotels, which were all top-quality and value. Her precise attention to detail coupled with her outstanding communication skills makes Andrea the best in her field. Andrea consistently sent me summaries of our plans, with notes, suggestions and ideas based on her expertise. In the planning phases, we exchanged multiple emails daily across 6 time zones. Upon arrival, she was available at all times via phone or text. Having her support 24/7 was a great relief. I am honored to call Andrea a friend and I look forward to working with her on our next group tour to Croatia!

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